Ghost Stories

‘We all have ghost stories. Some of our ghosts follow and haunt us. Some are frightening, some are waiting. It’s even fair to say that some of our ghosts are charming and whimsical! Our ‘Ghost Stories’ are not one thing. They change, evolve and sometimes we’re lucky enough to feel the sweet release of letting them go. In making these photos, I used a different model for each shoot. I wanted to emphasize that no two ghosts are the same, just like how each person has a different relationship with their demons and death.

Every person who has seen any of these tends to react in a different way. I encourage you to see and feel the stories for yourself; allow then to speak to your own stories or feelings (there’s no wrong answer) however you relate the most.

This project is meant to explore the realms of our minds. The magnitude of our imaginations, the depth of our grief, the freedom we can give ourselves. It is meant to cast a sense of wonder and exploration.

Above all else, this project is meant to be creative. It was a marvellous adventure exploring the province and making something new. I hope you enjoy it.

Do you like what you see? Please get in touch if you’re interested in publishing any or all of the gallery or in owning a print of your own!

I could not have done this project on my own. I owe a massive debt of gratitude to Tyrel, Claire, Marie and Caroline for their modelling contributions. They were the best ghosts I could have asked for. They endured being dragged across the province, bears, countless pigeons, early mornings, cow droppings, questionable structures, heights, water, and unfavourable weather but never once complained.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.